At this Time i am contructing a TreeHouse Complex in EarthshipStyle.
So only Materials like Wood/Glass/Stone/Steel are getting used .
The Sense of building an Earthship is using old Stuff like Old CarTires / Old Bottles / Old AluminiumCans for using them as a building Material .

I have collected some links (In German) about :

  • How is it possible to have a Evergreen TreeHouse (Ficus_benghalensis)
  • How to provide the Complex with Energie from SolarPower

    (Its even possible to drive Elevators with SolarEnergie)

Links (all German) :

Seite 1 Tree_House_Persp Tree_House_Persp

I am also planning a Unity3d realtime Walkthroug so you can virtually
walk the Enviroment.

have Fun …….